Reiki Share Meetings

West Berkshires Reiki Share meetings are facilitated by Reiki Master Teacher, Niki Baggs who provides guided meditations and empowerment's before commencing Reiki Share treatments.

Date;  2nd Wednesday of each month

Venue; The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury

Time; 7.30pm to 9.30pm      

Cost; £3.00 per person.

Reiki Share Group Guidelines for Attendees

It is a single modality share group.  Therefore our practise and development is in Reiki only, although on request I am happy to consider the inclusion or mixing of other energy modalities/treatments.

Personal boundaries are to be maintained, i.e. no touching of intimate or sexual areas.  If the practitioner is working with eyes closed, be mindful of checking a respectful distance of hands from the body is maintained.

Confidentiality is to be respected.  Reiki is not about diagnosis.  Should a practitioner sense/intuitively pick up information about a recipient that they feel is significant, then it may be appropriate to discuss something in private afterwards.

Each practitioner is to respect the recipients’ preference as to whether they wish to receive hands on or hands off Reiki treatment.  If hands on is requested, practitioners are to be mindful of the pressure of their touch so as not to cause any discomfort for the recipient.

The group welcomes practitioners from different lineages.  Practitioners are to respect each others different Reiki backgrounds.  Within our experience with Reiki we may have different methods,and it is required that all members respect an individuals learning and do not enforce view points or opinions on to others, after all it is the same Universal Life Energy that is being channelled, regardless how. 

The group is open to all practitioners, from any lineage and there is no requirement to pre-book or inform me you cant attend as you are welcome at any time.  

The practitioner needs to have completed a minimum of Shoden/level 1 Reiki to attend.