Reiki Level 1 Training 

Shoden (level 1) teaches how to practise healing the self and the basics about helping others. 

At this level the student is heading out on the path to self-discovery, this is just the beginning.

At this stage Reiki is easy to learn and easy to practice. Where the pace of life goes from busy to busier, Reiki brings balance and calmness to your world. Even the busiest students easily find time for Reiki self treatment everyday.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? The more balanced we are, the more present we are to enjoy being ourselves, and to appreciate the people around us and the details of our lives, yes even that co-worker who grates on the nerves.

We make better choices when we are balanced, so making a move to restore balance tends to snowball and bring us into alignment. The outcomes and benefits are different for everyone because we are all individuals in different states of imbalance and it’s all changing constantly.

Intent is the main part of your journey with Reiki, as from experience we don’t find true balance in our lives without making a choice to do so. Therefore committing to your Shoden training and ongoing learning will support your path to self discovery.

We begin practising  Reiki self treatment soon after your training starts, and you leave the day fully empowered to practice Reiki on yourself, and to share treatment informally with family, friends, and pets. Practising Reiki self-treatment is all about restoring balance on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intuitively. 

When you live with greater balance in yourself, your relationships with others and with the circumstances of your life generally improve as well, including job and money.

This course has it’s foundations rooted within the traditional branch of Reiki called Usui Reiki Ryoho and contains the teachings of Reiki from the traditional Japanese perspective balanced with explanations of Western Reiki to enhance the students learning experience. 
The Level 1 course, which is also known as Shoden, meaning ‘first teachings’ or ‘beginner teachings’ in Japanese, has a short Eastern lineage and introduces students to traditional Japanese Reiki meditation techniques and practice. Students are also introduced to four of the five elements of the system of Reiki: Gokai (philosophical precepts), Kokyu Ho (breathing techniques and meditations), Tenohira (hands-on healing, performing treatments for the self and others), and Reiju empowerments and attunements from your teacher Niki Baggs: The Reiki Intuitive .

 The techniques and Reuji/attunement process come directly from Japan and focus on the personal development aspect of the student. You will receive four traditional Japanese attunements/Reiju empowerment's over the course of one day and evening tutorials. 

Each attunement is a powerful clearing of the energy channels that helps to awaken one’s mind, heart and body from the sleep of ignorance, so you strengthen, cleanse and balance your energy system and prepare to be a channel of Reiki energy and develop this skill with continued practice. Your self-healing and cleansing process will start on the course and this will continue on an ongoing basis.

         Benefits of Shoden First Degree 

  • Learn the original, authentic history of Usui Reiki Ryoho.
  • Be knowledgeable about the self-healing system of Reiki.
  • Learn how to give Reiki treatments to both yourself and others.
  • Begin to heal your own physical and emotional issues and experience emotional and physical release techniques.
  • Feel grounded, balanced and comfortable with yourself.
  • Learn instant techniques on how to relax and clear your mind.

  • Gain a general understanding of energy work.
  • Develop your compassion and understanding for all aspects of your life.
  • Discover and experience calmness, peace and stillness within yourself.
  • Feel more confident and happy and enhance positive relationships with others.
  • Feel strong and more centred, empowering you to transform your life.
  • The ability to help others.
  • Receive individual ongoing support and guidance from your teacher Niki Baggs.

 Reiki and family Unity

Would you like to give your family the gift of compassion, alongside physical and emotional balance? 

Contact The Reiki Intuive today to discuss the flexible training opportunities available for your family, regardless of age or ability. From experience many families who train at Shoden level gain a sense of true unity when learning Reiki together. 

Class meets once a week for 8 weeks, 3 hrs per session 
Investment: £ 210

Class Group:  minimum of 2students (max 6)

Reiki is a profound practice that can bring vast benefits to self and others. At the same, it is an essentially simple practice that anyone can learn. This foundation course is the most important of all levels of training. It’s open to anyone, regardless of experience. Seasoned bodyworkers will benefit, as much as beginners with no background in spiritual development or holistic health.

The course includes:

  • Hands-on practice on yourself and others
  • Exploration of what Reiki practice is, what it isn’t, and how to practice
  • On-going group practice and discussion
  • Clinical practice
  • Ethics of practice
  • Help and support to incorporate Reiki practice into your everyday life
  • Access to teacher support both in and out of class
  • 4 attunements (initiations)
  • Journal and manual for each student
  • Reiki level I certification upon completion of the course

Our school understands that learning happens best over time, with support, and space to integrate the material. This 36-hour course is spread out over 3 months, giving students time to learn slowly, practice at home, and come back to ask questions based on their experiences.

In Reiki Level I students are led through a step-by-step discovery of the practice, beginning with the concept that we are all capable of moving towards a state of balance and wellness. Primarily facilitated through gentle touch, we practice helping create this space for ourselves and others.