How does the medical community perceive Reiki therapy?
  • Because Reiki therapy is safe and non-invasive, it is proving useful in hospice, nursing homes, emergency rooms, operating room, organ transplantation care units, pediatric, neonatal and OB/GYN unites; facilitating and decreasing anxiety and pain.
  • Reiki medical research is still preliminary. However, Reiki has proven very effect as a supplement therapy in pain management, resulting in significant reduction of pain following the Reiki treatment. Reiki therapy has been validated by experiments at various research center around the world (please see research links below).
  • Medical experts are seeing Reiki and complementary therapies coming into common use by individuals for themselves and family along with its use in hospitals and doctors offices

 Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows (click link for full report)

Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows

Reiki is increasingly offered in hospital, hospice, and private practice settings, applied to a variety of illnesses and conditions. Those who receive such treatments report relief of symptoms from numerous health challenges, including mental health issues. Research shows that reiki primarily helps in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relief of chronic pain — the last of which can bring on anxiety and depression, or make episodes worse.

 Medical Papers

The quality of health care depends in part on the accuracy of information published in medical journals. The peer-review process is designed to maintain scientifically credible information and research standards. Papers are critiqued and approved by at least two experts (usually researchers or physicians) prior to being accepted for publication.

The following are Reiki papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals and indexed on PubMed

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