Service for Adults and Children with Autism

The Reiki Intuitive: Niki Baggs aims to encourage and improve the growth, development, inclusion and well-being of vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties and autism through the benefits of Reiki, alongside empowering parents/carers, teachers, front line staff and users by providing Reiki training.

The Benefits:

The sense of touch is a powerful and highly sensitive form of communication and recognises challenges in relation to children on the Autism Spectrum developing communication and sensory awareness.  Touch is an important influence on a child's healthy development.

  • Improves concentration
  • Improves co-operation
  • Increases self-esteem / confidence
  • More relaxed and focused
  • Reduction in aggressive behaviour
  • Calmer classroom / family environment
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Reiki to assist with Chronic pain 

The distressing sensation of pain can affect any part of the body. Pain has a vocabulary all its own, with a variety of words employed to describe its qualities: aching, tingling, gnawing, shooting, stabbing, squeezing, throbbing, crushing, burning, plus dozens more.

In a cruel twist, chronic pain goes on to take a toll on emotional and psychological well-being as well. So what might have started out as a physical ailment can ultimately evolve to include painful feelings, from resentment and anger to anxiety and depression.

 The standard treatment tools for acute pain problems--narcotic medications, physical therapy, nerve-block injections, and surgery--may not solve chronic pain problems. More and more, primary-care doctors are recognizing the limitations of using just one or two of these treatments when pain becomes chronic.

 Thankfully, there are now doctors who are pain management specialists. The best pain centres integrate the therapies of conventional doctors with those of complementary practitioners, who provide many alternative therapies including Reiki.

Pain is universal. Everyone feels it at some point in their lives. But it's also very personal; all humans differ in how they experience pain, how they respond on an emotional level, and how they respond to medicines or other interventions.

You can do an enormous amount to relieve your own pain and boost your enjoyment of life by staying active and sticking to healthy lifestyle habits.

Reiki has for many assisted to regain a more manageable sleep pattern alongside you practising smart sleep hygiene like taking a relaxing warm bath before retiring, avoiding heavy foods and caffeinated drinks before bed, and reserving your bed for sleep and sex. 

Learning Reiki for yourself or as a carer it helps you to prioritise your energy and offers you the opportunity to take time to re balance your mind and body when you need too as well as assisting others.

Giving yourself Reiki or receiving a Reiki treatment ultimately has been shown to provide relaxation.  Learning to relax with Reiki meditations and guided imagery, are techniques in which you use positive mental images for removing or redirecting pain sensations. 

Although you can learn these techniques on your own from books or tapes,  for many learning with a practitioner can be more personal and beneficial.