Reiki for Performers 

 Whether you are a professional performer, a beginner or would benefit from accessing your creativity in a supportive environment, The Reiki intuitive can guide you and help to shift blocks and difficulties with sensitivity and support. 

Reiki is considered a valuable technique to help and support the stresses and strains of an artist's life. 

  • Decreases performance anxiety and nerves for concerts, auditions, exams
  • Increases Confidence in performing 
  • Decreases feelings of unworthiness
  • decreases anxiety of feelings of being judged or criticized
  • Supports recovery of Addictions (alcohol, drugs and emotions such as fear)
  • Decreases feelings of failure
  • Knowing how to connect to and express what is in your heart
  • Working on releasing blocks and turning around negative beliefs and expectations to attract a better, more abundant future.