Reiki Level 2 


 The Second Degree (Okuden) Reiki; teaches students to embrace intuitive working, Increasing confidence in distant, non-touch Reiki with use of sacred energy symbols to strengthen your connection and assist you on your journey. This is not a necessary skill for most people to have, and it is more in depth than the straightforward First Degree Reiki. 

Undergoing Okuden training is recommended for students who have taken Shoden level 1 course and have been practising daily self-treatment for a minimum of six months. The Reiki Intuitive suggest students who have trained with another Master to either have a consultation or attend her Reiki Share group before committing to the training in full.

Practitioner Level

'Okuden - Second Degree' brings the student up to 'Practitioner Level'.

You'll receive attunements and empowerments that enable you to 'hold' and channel more energy than was possible at First Degree. 

The attunements and empowerments also connect you strongly to aspects of the energy that are represented by the three Reiki symbols. 

You will learn how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras, which can be used as a basis for self-treatment, and which help to make your treatments stronger and more effective.

The course also introduces you to requirements needed in becoming a Reiki Practitioner.


All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificates signed by The Reiki Intuitive. In this case your certificate confirms that you have received instruction and Reiju empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the "Okuden Second Degree" of Reiki. Your certificate will enable you to gain all insurances and access to professional bodies if you choose to become a self employed practitioner.


Okuden- Second Degree Course is £260 per student, this price includes your 

  • Two day course and evening supervision sessions in central Newbury with the experienced Reiki Intuitive Master Teacher.
  • Detailed Training Manual and MP3 Reiki meditations and practitioners guide.
  • Refreshments & lunch is provided ,
  • 25% discount of Continued development appointments
  • Access to a network of regular Reiki shares, where you can meet other Reiki students, chat, receive Reiju empowerments and swap treatments.
  • A Free Intuitive Reading from Niki Baggs to support you in your journey ahead                         


 A non refundable £50 deposit is required and the outstanding balance (£210) will be paid on the day of your live Course, or a payment plan can be arranged prior to the course date. 

*Discounts can be arranged for group bookings