Reiki and Meditation 

Reiki works much like meditation and our brain uses it to promote alpha and theta brain waves.  The brain is seen to produce different frequencies of electrical activity across its neurons depending on what it is doing. Alpha waves are predominantly associated with states of relaxation, a calm wakefulness. These waves can be produced by closing your eyes, relaxing and becoming still. Theta waves are more predominant in those skilled meditation and represent a quiet watchfulness – the mind watching its thoughts. Both types of waves denote relaxation and a stopping of active, busy or anxious thinking, or active concentration, which produces beta waves.

The promotion of alpha waves into the body system has a dramatic effect on our stress levels. In my opinion, using Reiki in this way is its most powerful benefit as it brings us growth, peace and vitality.

Reiki, like meditation, affects the mind by loosening its grip and helping us to release more and more energy and resources to the rest of the body. The active brain consumes more than 20% of the total energy required by the body (but only weighs about 2% of total bodyweight). 

 Although there has not been extensive research on the amount of energy consumed by the brain in beta state versus alpha or theta, if you carry out your own simple experiment of relaxing quietly versus actively trying to problem solve, it is fairly clear which activity is more exhausting.

Meditation, for years, has been known in the East to be extremely health giving, calming and beneficial. Most Reiki practitioners attest to the similarities between Reiki and meditation, especially when it comes to the results they feel.  

Reiki can provide an access point which allows us to experience inner peace by encouraging the meditative effects. The key difference between Reiki and meditation is the technique used to gain the same result: with Reiki the simple application of your hands on your body is enough to begin the energy flow, and as long as you are willing to stay still and quiet for long enough, you will experience the same effects of meditation without the discipline required to clear the mind or focus.