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"Truly incredible experience my headache has gone! Thank you "

Max (adult)

"It was nice to meet you, i found Reiki useful and reassuring. I'm keen to try some more sessions."

HC (adult)

 At first I wasn't sure what to expect I thought she might be a weirdo, but she was really nice and I felt relaxed and slept really well.

ES (14yrs.)

 You were so helpful, calming and kind.  I am getting tearful just remembering how much that meeting meant to me and remembering the bad place I was in. Anyway back to Reiki, you are so passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, you shone as you spoke about Reiki and its uses.  The treatments I have received from you have been so worth the long drive.  I have benefitted more than you can imagine.

Louise (adult)

I went to my first Reiki share this week. I was made very welcome by all there. It was an amazing experience I would recommend to any one. I definitely want to do my Reiki 1 and go to more Reiki Share evenings.

Kate (adult)


I really enjoyed your Shoden course on Saturday, I was on such a high when I went to bed that night, Fabulous!" 

LG (adult)

" I really enjoyed the Reiki share group I attended with you and all the group. I've felt better than ever since (although I was quite exhausted the next day). I really would like to do Reiki 1 training with Niki now."

Zea (adult)

"Niki as always you are full of surprises, thank you for a the wonderful  healing tonight and the time you gave to assist in making sense of my journey so far"   EH (adult)

At the start of having Reiki with Niki I didn't believe in it, but I have since broken my leg and Reiki  has helped with my foot not hurting me. I have been getting Reiki on it as I was willing to try anything and I can honestly say that the swelling for the first day did grow but since my feet are both the same size, it has really helped relax me and makes me feel much better afterwards, I like that I don’t even have to be completely silent, I can be playing on games while doing it."

LB (13yrs)

 " Thank you, I had no idea i was so unbalanced and how amazing it feels to release so much baggage!" JL (adult)

 " I feel so chilled i'll sleep tonight!"  TG ( adult)