Training & Development Programmes

 The Reiki Intuition that Niki guides is a journey from beginning to end and aligning with it can bring you health, happiness and wholeness for life. 

Through years of experience Niki has seen wonderful changes unfold when people align with their unique energy blueprint through learning the simple self treatment techniques of Reiki.  

 All Reiki Intuitive training programmes are dedicated to excellence, providing after care support, supervision and continued education

Sometimes people stumble across their perfect wellbeing plan by accident - one of the numerous techniques or treatments fits their unique requirements. They are the lucky, and it seems, rare ones. 
Most people I meet spend years - and vast amounts of money - moving from various treatments or complementary therapies wondering what they are doing so wrong. Frustration, fear and a sense of failure kick in for them. If only they knew how to understand their own self healing ability through Reiki . 

 Video:  Pamela Miles's positive approach to combining Reiki with in health care and conventional medical models.