Corporate Reiki

Reiki in the Office

Sit back, relax and enjoy some precious moments of calm. Who needs espresso when you've got Reiki to boost your employees energy and concentration. 

The Reiki Intuitive and colleagues are happy to travel to your office(s) on a weekly or monthly basis to offer Reiki treatments to employees, either at their desk or during their lunch hour and for as long as time permits. 

 As an employer, there are many benefits to investing in Reiki as part of your Corporate Health and Wellbeing package:

Stress relief:  A session of Reiki healing is wonderful for effectively relieving workplace stress, tension and anxiety. This can, in turn, reduce the harmful effects of stress on your business overall.

 Positive work environment:  Reiki helps balance the client, increasing levels of co-operation and therefore teamwork. Morale is boosted and employees naturally build more constructive working relationships.

Commitment to the wellbeing of your staff:
Providing your employees with regular Reiki sessions demonstrates a proactive commitment to meeting your obligations in looking after their health and wellbeing.

 Fees for our corporate Reiki treatments

Call out fee per Business - £10 

30 minute Reiki treatment - £15 pp.

60 minute Reiki treatment - £25 pp



 Reduced absenteeismInvesting in Reiki reduces the incidences of stress-related employee absenteeism, as well as mitigating the risks of potential future illness.

Increased motivation and productivity:
Reiki increases the performance, productivity and overall effectiveness of your workforce. The deeply relaxing sensations of the Reiki energy, combined with feeling truly valued, infuse staff with a renewed enthusiasm and motivation.


 Raising public Profile: Focusing on the wellbeing of your staff enhances your company's public profile as an employer of choice that cares for its workers, giving you a competitive advantage in the ongoing war for talent. It can also assist in the retention of talented and key employees, reducing the costs related to staff turnover.