Reiki & Sporting Performance

Reiki stimulates and expands the athlete's own natural healing power and performance capacity as well as providing recuperative relaxation.

Reiki provides the physical, cognitive and emotional renewal required for an athlete to perform consistently at the highest possible level.  Functioning from a position of balance, better health, clarity and confidence, goals are reached and surpassed with optimum capability and greater ease.





 Reiki & Post Workout

Athletes train and commit to build their endurance, skill and strength.  Vigorous training is crucial for robust athletic performance, but it can take a toll on the body.  Reiki helps the athlete's body recover faster on a cellular level and resist injury more effectively during vigorous training.

Additionally, the process of  strengthening is supported when Reiki is administered in an ongoing program.


Reiki & Recovery
"Reiki is restoring and balancing." 

 Reiki accelerates recovery from surgery, reduces side-effects of intrusive procedures and improves mental attitude, reducing anxiety and insomnia.  

Many nurses and doctors are being trained in Reiki as are people from all walks of life.  Just as Acupuncture and Yoga have been mainstreamed, Reiki's contribution to wellness and empowerment is growing exponentially.

Reiki can be used anywhere in an instant.  This practical nature of Reiki makes it versatile and limitless in its effects.  While regular post-injury table sessions can be used to rehabilitate an injured athlete, Reiki can also be used in the field for immediate treatment of injuries.  

It can help to minimise swelling and bleeding, relieve pain and accelerate the healing of wounds, sprains, strains, scrapes, burns, etc... and is known to reduce recovery time.



Professional athletes are unique in the way they work tirelessly to strive to exceed the expectations of teammates, coaches and themselves,often their harshest critics.  

There is enormous pressure to win for the team as well as a passionate drive to achieve a new personal best.  It is a challenge to be mentally and emotionally resilient during unpredictable cycles of wins, losses, injuries, and fatigue.  

Reiki can help the athlete develop a sense of physical and mental calm, that helps even the most challenged athlete stay focused and able to work better with others.  In the face of an unusually high-stress environment, Reiki supports the individual athlete to maintain the drive needed to win while maintaining his or her serenity at the same time!

Reiki & Emotional wellbeing

 "Reiki Boosts Self Confidence & Team Performance"

Reiki not only strengthens and relaxes the body; it deepens confidence, memory, and intuition.

Reiki increases clarity of thought and creativity so that new ways of reaching goals are available before and during performance.  It helps the athlete and coach to ‘think out of the box’ with greater ease.

Just as Reiki promotes balance within an individual athlete, it also builds harmony within a team, leading to better team performance. 

It rejuvenates the group as well as the individual player as Reiki energy reconnects and balances physical systems within the body.  It also has a way of energetically reconnecting people within their chosen group, enabling improved communication among team members.