Reiki to assist Recovery

The Reiki Intuitive has had the privilege of working in specialist drug and alcohol services in West Berkshire for many years, providing Reiki treatments and training to both clients and substance misuse professionals. 

From working with people that undergo withdrawal from chemical dependency and the turmoil this can cause for them both physically and emotionally, The Reiki Intuitive; Niki Baggs has a balanced view of addiction and the difficulties people face when attempting to make changes in their lifestyle.. 

Niki Baggs will not promote Reiki as the only form of treatment for detoxification and would recommend you seek GP or Treatment service advice to access a package of support to best meet your needs. 

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 Benefits of Reiki for People Recovering from an Addiction

The brain is often described as a tape recorder, taking permanent snapshots of every action a person takes and every image a person sees. The body can take similar snapshots, and those memories are stored in a person’s bones, joints and muscles and the brain. Over time, as negative issues collect, the person becomes crippled with memories that he/she might not even know about on a conscious level.

People recovering from addiction may have more negative memories to process than people who do not have addiction issues. As a result of their substance abuse, addicts may have lied to their friends, stolen from their family members and broken promises they made to their children. These memories must all be dealt with in order for inner balance to begin, Treatment of Reiki assists the unhelpful energy patterns between the body and the memories to release and recover. This process, sometimes called “Reiki detoxification” can be a powerful tool for people recovering from addiction.

The potential benefits for people recovering from an addiction include:

 * It is claimed that this technique can make addiction withdrawal symptoms feel less severe. These symptoms during the first few days of recovery can be uncomfortable and daily Reiki sessions may make things more tolerable.

 * Early recovery tends to be an emotional roller coaster. There can also be a great deal of stress as the individual adapts to their new life away from alcohol or drugs. The relaxation benefits of this technique can mean that people deal better this stresses of the first few months of recovery. If people feel too overwhelmed they can be tempted to relapse so the ability to deal with stress is a must.

Once the physical body feels safe and supported, it seems to release the sense of panic and trauma that accompanies withdrawal symptoms. 

For those who usually suffer from anger and shame issues, can often begin to behave more gently, openly and compassionately once they experienced a Reiki treatment plan. The more Reiki received, the more centred you will become.

For many on their journey of recovery, continued Reiki treatments have been seen by many as beneficial in relieving the physical symptoms, and creating a sense of calmness, peace and safety. 

Although Reiki may be of particular benefit to those people who are recovering from an addiction. It is unlikely to be enough alone to help an individual overcome an addiction, but it can be of great benefit once people are sober or in the process of getting sober.


* Those individuals who have been involved in substance abuse for a long period will usually do a great deal of physical and mental damage. This technique can help repair some of the damage and get the individual back on a path towards healthy living.

* It is usual for people in early stages of recovery to experience plenty of anger and resentment. These emotions are highly dangerous because they can lead right back to addiction. Reiki may help them release some of these negative emotions.

  * This type of treatment can help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and start to take care of themselves more wisely.

 Reiki Detoxification

People who go through a Reiki session may go through what is known as a Reiki detoxification after the sessions are complete. Practitioners state that this process can take from seven to 21 days and it’s often accompanied by symptoms such as: Headaches, Nausea, Cough, Irritability and Anger.

These symptoms seem quite similar to those experienced during a standard detoxification program from drugs and alcohol, but there are a few minor differences. According to one practitioner, the symptoms tend to shift from one part of the body to another during Reiki detoxification, where a standard drug detoxification doesn’t involve this sort of shifting. Also, a Reiki detoxification process can last for up to three weeks, which is much longer than a standard drug detoxification.

 Comparing and Combining

By contrasting these two detoxification definitions, it’s clear to see that they are not at all the same. A standard detoxification program provides care for chemical and physical symptoms of withdrawal, and medications are in heavy rotation. A Reiki detoxification is a process whereby the body heals on a mental plane, not a physical one.

The two methods are so dissimilar that they cannot be used interchangeably. In fact, it might be dangerous to do so. An alcoholic, for example, can go through life-threatening seizures during the detoxification process, unless the proper medications are provided. If this alcoholic tried to use Reiki instead, death could occur. It’s just not set up to assist with the physical problems that can occur during detoxification.

That isn’t to say that Reiki has no place in a standard detoxification program. In fact, the two can go hand in hand quite nicely. For example, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that heart rate and diastolic blood pressure readings decreased in people who received Reiki treatments compared to people who received placebo treatments. If a person in a standard detoxification program was taking medications to reduce stress and heart rate, perhaps Reiki sessions could help replace the need for those medications.

Similarly, during the Reiki detoxification process, patients are encouraged to take care of their bodies and stay in touch with the emotions they’re feeling. They may be encouraged to drink additional water, get adequate sleep, take long walks or meditate on their good qualities. These can be healing steps for anyone to take during a stressful part of life, and going through the detoxification process is certainly stressful. In other words, the two programs really do seem complementary.

 To Reiki or Not to Reiki?

In the end, the choice whether or not to include Reiki as part of a detoxification program comes down to the individual wants and needs of the individual. As part of a structured program, Reiki might be beneficial and soothing, allowing a feeling of peacefulness, alongside feeling strong and ready for what comes next. 

But some people may not like the idea of using a method that seems somewhat free form and based on structures and concepts that aren't so easy to see and understand. It’s a personal decision and there are no right and wrong answers.

If you’re debating the pros and cons of Reiki and detoxification, contact me as I am happy to discuss it through.. We can explore how Reiki may fit into your current program of care, and Im happy to answer any questions you might have.

  Why choose me?

Don't panic this is not a sales pitch although I thought it may be important to know a bit about my background. Since 2001 I have had the privilege of working in specialist drug and alcohol services, as well as a therapist I provided Reiki treatments and training to both clients and substance misuse professionals. 

 I recognise the turmoil of recovery  can cause,  both physically and emotionally, and therefore I have a non judgemental and balanced view of addiction and the difficulties people face when attempting to make changes in their lifestyle.

Although I believe hole heartily that Reiki can assist in recovery, I will not promote Reiki as the only form of treatment for detoxification and would recommend you seek GP or Treatment service advice to access a package of support to best meet your needs. 

Good Luck and I wish you well on your journey ahead !

Picture: Niki Baggs 

 "To all those who have looked at their lives and dared to change - to those who have faced their problems and gone on to live full and rewarding lives. To all of my past clients, I thank you for allowing me to bring Reiki into your lives."  - Niki Baggs