Wedding Well-being 

The perfect start to your life together!

Your Wedding is the biggest day of your life, and every moment will feel even more special with bringing your physical body into alignment with its energy field – the layers surrounding it, also known as the auric field.

Reiki is a rejuvenating treatment, which is perfect to help relieve the inevitable stresses leading up to your big day and beyond. 

Our Wedding Packages take care of you ready for your special day, and also re-energises your body and spirit after the exertions of the hen night. 

For Hen Night excess! Raucous night into the early hours of the morning? Or overindulged and feeling and looking dreadful? We have special packages of Reiki treatments for both the Bride-to-be and her wedding guests, to reduce the physical signs and re balance your body. 

Gift Vouchers for The Bride & Groom

 If for a Pre-Wedding de-stress gift or for a post wedding rejuvenation, Reiki Gift vouchers are a wonderful gift for the special couple.

Buying a Pamper package will also means you could save up to £20! 

Please Contact me to either discuss wedding Packages or gift vouchers.